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With over 20 years of experience, The Creatives Factory production team has worked in a wide array of genres from Pop to Rock, Jazz to Electronic, Latin to Country, Indie to Middle Eastern and much more.  Our team has written and produced songs that have been added to official Spotify Editorial Playlists, and received millions of plays across multiple platforms.  Our producers and composers have also provided music for films that have been featured on ESPN, Netflix, Tribeca Films, and United Airlines as well as numerous TV/Film Placements on NBC, MTV, FX and more.

The Creatives Factory is home to multiple music production rooms that are well-equipped with the latest in music software, Universal Audio Interfaces, hardware synthesizers, drum machines, guitars, effects, percussion, as well as professional studio grade microphones such as the Neumann u87, Shure SM7b and more.  

Our goal is to provide creatives with a playground to find, explore and sculpt their unique sound. We want to partner with every artist throughout their process to help capture their vision, and together push the boundaries of creativity.

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